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Tobacco Advertising Themes  »  Targeting Women

Early Years
spacerEarly Years

(64 images)
Let's Smoke Girls
spacerLet's Smoke Girls

(158 images)
High Fashion
spacerHigh Fashion

(191 images)
You're So Smart
spacerYou're So Smart

(13 images)
Couples in Love
spacerCouples in Love

(185 images)
Keep Kissable
spacerKeep Kissable

(15 images)
Lady's Cigars
spacerLady's Cigars

(11 images)
Women in Sports
spacerWomen in Sports

(47 images)
Latin Women
spacerLatin Women

(49 images)

(21 images)
Today's Women
spacerToday's Women

(81 images)
Pretty in Pink
spacerPretty in Pink

(106 images)