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Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising
Tobacco Advertising Themes  »  Psychological Exploits

Calms your Nerves
spacerCalms your Nerves

(137 images)
Get a Lift
spacerGet a Lift

(54 images)
Your Disposition
spacerYour Disposition

(21 images)
Sex Sells
spacerSex Sells

(93 images)
Angry Ads
spacerAngry Ads

(16 images)
Macho Men
spacerMacho Men

(100 images)
Walk A Mile
spacerWalk A Mile

(24 images)
Dancing Boxes
spacerDancing Boxes

(6 images)
Zira Girls
spacerZira Girls

(11 images)
B&H People
spacerB&H People

(15 images)
Tobacco People
spacerTobacco People

(18 images)